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Hallowell Ice Storm Poem

Hallowell Ice Storm Poem By Clio Barr
Innocent, raw raindrops were the prelude, landing sneakily on branch and pavement.
Droplets became plastic wrap and encased the city,
but the purpose was not to preserve.

This woven web of flashing silver was deadly.

Trees cried out in anguish as their heavy limbs gave way to crack and separate,
in turn crushing stiff utility lines and littering the street in disarray.

Saplings drooped, mourning the lost boughs at their feet.

Citizens admired the glistening glaze from behind dark windows;
playing cards by candlelight with battery-run radios humming to fill silence.

Ice gripped the land with a hard hand
as it softened neighbors’ hearts.

Generously shared firewood and nourishment kept families warm and fed
while the storm steered them forcefully away from normal routines.