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Historic Hallowell

Ice Storm In Hallowell

Ice Storm In Hallowell by Ashley Boerner and Tiffiny McCollett
I don’t like ice storms that much.
Cold and me don’t mix so well.
Enduring blistering winds and never-ending power outages.
See what I mean?
Tree branches are snapping, and ice is overlapping.
Oh and did you know the ’98 Ice Storm was a federal disaster?
Really, I’m not kidding. Al Gore came to Maine.
My teacher even showed me the footage!

I guess I’m being a bit unfair
Now if you look at this a bit differently you can see:

How beautiful the ice is dangling from a tree.
And how amazing friends you have.
Little did we know how great our families are.
Large groups of families, were coming together to help each other survive the harsh, cold weather.
Oh what a sight.
With the red cross helping tonight
Everyone wanted to help keep alive those who yelp.
Loving and caring for those they don’t know.
Living today, still bearing the snow.