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A Walk On The Streets During The Ice Storm

A Walk On The Streets During The Ice Storm Written By Wesley Lapointe and Sam Day
Glistening beauty on every limb
Coming from the church were muffled hymns
Although the outcome would be harsh and cruel
At first every twig appeared a jewel

As the sun sets and day turns to night
Children play board games by candle light
Although the ice storm caused bad weather
It brought families and neighbors closer together

The previous years had been quite nice
But this year the sky fell in sheets of ice
Booming cracks echo through the night
There are no bugs on the ground, no birds in flight

Inside the shelter the elderly are asleep
They’re too frightened to laugh, but too hopeful to weep
Thick blankets keep them safe and warm
Thankful for the help, in this violent storm

And now, walking down the street
Breaking the silence is the tapping of my feet
As I walk the streets I round a bend
Hoping this chaos will come to an end