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Historic Hallowell

Train Wreck Poem

On the tenth of November, 1937
There was a young man named Kevin
All at once with a groan
Three train cars jumped alone
Two cars stayed nearby
The third however wanted to fly
Into the library with a crash
The old library needed cash
Now with a hole in its side
The library was opened wide
In the library was a disaster
I feel bad for its old master
With the wall opened big
The librarian did a little jig
The work crews ran like bats out of a well
Luckily none of them fell
Amidst all this, right next door
There was a man who I must say is quite a bore
Eating dinner with his wife
The two of them were partners for life
The two of them heard not a sound
Not even the old town hound
The next morning they found out
When they heard someone shout
Peering threw the window near
The husband should’ve been struck with fear
Instead he said with a smile
“We won’t be going there for a while”
And with that we will diminish
For this tale has to finish