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Thomas Bond House

The first known occupants of the house were Thomas Bond and his wife Lucretia who moved in after their wedding in 1805. Thomas Bond graduated from Harvard College in 1801 and was the first graduate of Hallowell Academy to do so. He came to Hallowell for the purpose of reading law and was admitted to the practice of law in 1804. He married Lucretia Flagg Page who was the daughter of Dr. Benjamin and Abigail Page. Atty. Bond practiced law until (1813-14), and served as a member of the Maine Senate (1822-23).

The 1885 map of Hallowell shows the occupant of the Thomas Bond House as C.A. Page. Charles A. Page was a manufacturer/dealer of saddle, harnesses, and trunks. His place of business was on Water Street and his residence is described as.."n. Hallowell House". An 1879 Kennebec County map shows the occupant of the Thomas Bond House as H.Q. Blake. H.Q. Blake was the proprietor of the Hallowell House (which can be seen on the right in the picture). S.A. Webber, Sr., 5/99