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Volunteer Firefighters and their Fire Clothes

The firemen clothing now is different than it was in the 1880’s, for firemen wore black pants, a black top with white bottom, and a white belt. Their hats were yellow while some were red also with black in the middle with a number in front. Now the firemen wear jackets that are either black or tan with yellow or orange stripes around the jacket. For pants, they wear tan overalls when fighting fires.

Volunteer firefighters are always on call whereas career firemen or women are on call, but they are at the the station for twenty-four or forty-eight hours and then are off call for twenty-four or forty-eight hours. Volunteer firefighters have other jobs for an income. The volunteers also do training, fundraising, equipment, and maintenance. They also might be responding to forest fires.

There are two numbers to call if there is a emergency: 911 or 112. When receiving a call, the dispatcher pushes a button as a tone comes on their pager. Then, the dispatcher comes and says where and what is the emergency is, but for career firemen, they send a bell to the firehouse. Volunteer firemen play a vital role in saving lives for little pay.